Discover your dream conservatory at Delaval & Hartley Glaziers. Imagine a place in your home where you can retreat to and relax in. A luxurious place that brings light and air into your property. A place just for you – tailored to your specification, accommodating your individual style.

The addition of a conservatory to your home can substantially increase your living space and enhance your lifestyle. It should also add increased value to your property if you ever decide to sell up and move on to another home.

From the elaborate to the contemporary, Delaval & Hartley Glaziersconservatories are designed with the leading benefits that deliver highest-quality workmanship and exceptional value for money. An extensive range of styles enables the right character of conservatory to be chosen to suit your home. Plus, our coveted reputation for quality and reliability gives you confidence that you are choosing the very best.

We manufacture our own double glazed windows and frames using REHAU PVCu products and fittings. This ensures that our windows and door frames fit perfectly into the space we measeured them for.

Whatever style, size, design and finish you choose, Delaval & Hartley Glaziers conservatories bring new life and energy to any home.

Enjoy your home – enhance your lifestyle

One room, yet so many uses.
Designed to fit in with your lifestyle a conservatory can provide the additional space you are looking for – without the turmoil and
expense of moving house.

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The Edwardian
The Edwardian style allows you to maximise your enjoyment and usage of the extra space created. Its square, flat fronted projection offers a clean-cut elegance and dignified simplicity that blends easily into the character of your home.
The Victorian
Inspired by Victorian design and architecture, complete with ornate cresting and finials, it’s easy to see why the Victorian is one of the most popular styles of conservatory.
The Gable-ended
Few styles capture the architectural heritage of a conservatory quite like the Gable. It works well in both old and new properties and maximises the use of space to create an eye catching design from any angle.
The Lean-to
The Lean-to conservatory makes the best possible use of your available space, whilst providing a light and airy room to enjoy all year round. Contemporary and minimalist, with clean aesthetic lines.
The P-shaped
Combination and P-shaped conservatories offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility by combining two styles – such as the Edwardian and the Lean-to – or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a ‘P’.
Specials / Lantern
Lantern roofs consist of a roof in two tiers. The different levels are separated by a row of small windows adding a feeling of height and presence to the overall structure.

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